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Ok to put() to tlm_fifo and call nb_can_get() in the same delta cycle?

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Neither is the case. Between putting an element into the fifo and the element becoming available is at least a delta cycle. And this is by design as in hardware it takes some time for values to propagate. sc_core::sc_fifo exposes the same behavior.

If you need immediate update you can use ordinary C++ containers like std::dequeue...

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Well, I'm not sure something like deque will provide what is needed, because I still need process notifications when an entry is written or read.

I think what I am not seeing is how to write into the fifo and then block the writer until the reader reads from it.  I can write something custom based on deque or something else (or look for another class in sc_core or tlm) to provide this, but wanted to be sure that tlm_fifo didn't provide this first.

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