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uvm_mem backdoor access

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I am trying to do backdoor access to an internal memory but the tool generated errors because hdl_path is not correct for the memory model and it can't find the memory array index. I am using a memory library provided by Xilinx. Could UVM perform backdoor access to the Xilinx or vendor generated Verilog memory model?


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I believe backdoor accesses to vendors' memories (block RAMs) are possible, but require custom read/write tasks. I'm having the same difficulty in VMM RAL, and the RAL user guide discusses only memories that are implemented as one-dimensional arrays (e.g, my_reg[256] ). It has no discussion on backdoors for registers that are inside block RAMs.

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You need to define a user-defined backdoor access by extending the uvm_reg_backdoor class and implementing the read() and write() method to access the vendor model as required. Then register an instance of that class with the corresponding memory using the uvm_mem::set_backdoor() method.

VMM RAL works the same way.

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