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Unicode characters used as identifiers in UVM Source

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There is a strange occurrence of Unicode characters used in the following source file of UVM: 1800.2-2020-1.1/src/dpi/uvm_hdl_vcs.c at line 37.

#if defined(VCSMX_FAST_UVM) && !defined(MHPI_FAST_UVM)

Some C compilers/GCC versions might treat the “ (U+201C, Left Double Quotation Mark) and ” (U+201D, Right Double Quotation Mark) as invalid in identifiers and thus result in a compilation error. I guess it is tied to Synopsys hence the VCS tag, but it might still need a fix in further releases.

Changing the Unicode characters to (regular) double quote (") (U+0022, Quotation Mark) fixes the errors.

Also the following comment block in the very same file contains quite sloppy syntax errors, like "Functionn" and "ceccks". If you fix the quotation marks, this would be a nice fix as well. 🙂

Kind regards,

Gergo Vekony

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