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Running "Hello SystemC": assertion `m_references_n != 0' failed


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I am running a slightly modified (for successful compilation) example from the book "SystemC: from ground up, 2nd edition" on my Ubuntu 20.04 with g++-4.8.

SystemC version is 2.3.1.

Here is the source code:

#include <systemc>


    void main_thread(void)
        SC_REPORT_INFO("main", "Hello!");

int sc_main(int sc_argc, char* sc_argv[])
    Hello_SystemC HelloWorld_i("HelloWorld_i");
    sc_start(1, sc_core::sc_time_unit::SC_NS);

    return 0;

Upon execution and after Accellera copyright message I get the following error:

hello: /home/stud4k/fromsrc/systemc/include/sysc/kernel/sc_process.h:616: void sc_core::sc_process_b::reference_increment(): Assertion `m_references_n != 0' failed.

Is something missing or should something be rewritten in the example?

Thanks in advance.

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Code itself looks fine. I ran the above on EDAplayground without problem.

I also ran on MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) with Apple clang++ 12.0 (LLVM )

Here is a link to where I ran it: https://edaplayground.com/x/V25h

SystemC 2.3.3-Accellera --- Sep 21 2020 10:55:34
g++ 7.5
Using C++ standard 201402
Ubuntu 18.04

You might consider upgrading g++ (4.8 is pretty old). I use g++ 9.3 normally.

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Thanks for the quick response, David.

Indeed, I have just tried rebuilding the systemc libs and the example with gcc 7.5 and it worked!

Actually, when I chose 4.8 for the compiler version I was only following the README info for the 2.3.1 release where it states "GNU C++ compiler versions gcc-3.4.6 through gcc-4.9.0" as "well tested" configurations for GCC.

But if systemc can as well be used with newer GCCs, I will stick to those of course.

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