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Could not find call of check_config_usage in UVM library

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In UVM version 1.1, I am seeing check_config_usage function is implemented in uvm_component but it is not called anywhere. 

UVM says "This function is automatically called in the check phase, but can be manually called at any time".

But unfortunately, I could not find the call of this function in check_phase. Am I missing something obvious here?

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Calling check_config_usage in the check_phase is not really helpful, because this is after the run_phase. It prints all set to the config_db without get. Otherwise it is silent.

This is a typical command to clean-up the access of the config_db.

A good plaace to do this is prior to the run_phase as shown here:

function void start_of_simulation_phase(uvm_phase phase);
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It might be fairly possible that sometimes we set something during run_phase in one component like configure_phase and get in main_phase.

So overall shouldn't it be a good idea to check altogether in check_phase?

I agree, static configuration should be checked in SOS (Start Of Simulation) phase but if some set/get calls are part  run_phase we might need to check after run_phase (i.e. check_phase)

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