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Learning System Verilog from scratch


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I am a newbie and want to start learning System Verilog from scratch. I know Verilog and have been working on it past 3 months. Can anyone please guide me on how to start learning System Verilog for design and verification as I am a bit stuck on how to proceed, which course to take up etc.

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Have a goal. Do you want to learn the design side or verification? Either way, create some small design, then a testbench to check its operation.

There are a lot of great resources out there. Sometimes you can get a simulator license by taking a course. Or use the EDA Playground.

Stu Sutherland has an excellent book on design with SystemVerilog. Highly recommended!

Personally, I learned a lot by writing many small examples. You can do a lot in a dozen lines. I have a directory filled with little modules, most under 20 lines. If you keep it small, you can stay focused. Once you have mastered the concept, apply it to your design and testbench.

Chris Spear
Mentor Graphics

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