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`uvm_field_queue_object macro cause compiler error

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I am trying to port my uvm code from UVM 1.1d to UVM-IEEE.


Having the following line in my code:

      `uvm_field_queue_object(p_ext_agents,             UVM_ALL_ON | UVM_REFERENCE)


uvm_component p_ext_agents[$];

cause the following compile error:

      `uvm_field_queue_object(p_ext_agents,             UVM_ALL_ON | UVM_REFERENCE)
xmvlog: *E,DBITNS (sia/lib/sv/cdn_iwb/sv/cdn_iwb_routing_model.sv,172|98): The argument of the system function call was not of bit-stream type.

Investigating the reason of this error, seems like the error comes from the following code inside the above macro:


`define uvm_compare_named_int(NAME, LVALUE, RVALUE, RADIX, COMPARER=comparer) \
  `m_uvm_compare_begin(LVALUE, RVALUE, COMPARER) \
     if ($bits(LVALUE) <= 64) \
       void'(COMPARER.compare_field_int(NAME , LVALUE, RVALUE, $bits(LVALUE), RADIX)); \
     else \
       void'(COMPARER.compare_field(NAME , LVALUE, RVALUE, $bits(LVALUE), RADIX)); \


the problematic line is:

if ($bits(LVALUE) <= 64)


Indeed, queue of uvm_component is not of bit-stream type.


Any advice here?






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