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Errors in compilation of "uvm.sv"

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I'm new to verification & UVM . From the README.txt in the "uvm_lib/uvm_sv" , i was told i had to compile the uvm.sv before i could use UVM. I used the following command "ncverilog -sv $UVM_HOME/src/uvm.sv +incdir+$UVM_HOME/src". I was able to start the compilation, but it resulted in many errors.

One of them is:

file: /home/hpkenhar/uvm-1.1/uvm_lib/uvm_sv/src/uvm.sv

protected process m_process_id;


ncvlog: *E,NOIPRT (base/uvm_phase.svh,38|18): Unrecognized declaration 'process' could be a spelling mistake [systemVeril


(`include file: base/uvm_phase.svh line 38, `include file: base/base.svh line 68, `include file: uvm_pkg.sv line 30, file

: /home/hpkenhar/uvm-1.1/uvm_lib/uvm_sv/src/uvm.sv line 23)

So basically the word "process" was not recognized as keyword/class in the compiler. Can anyone tell me what i might have done wrong that results in such an error?

I shouldn't have to modify any of the files in the uvm_lib... right?

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which version of ius are you using? in general you should not have to modify any UVM files to get it running.

btw: the easiest path to run with ius+uvm is "irun -uvmhome <youruvmhomedirectory> ... <your-verilogfiles>". this takes care of all uvm-compile and addon switches.



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