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Unable to start progam


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I'm trying to install SystemC 2.3.3 on my Windows system(64 bit), but facing error . Please someone help with installation and also  suggest if I missed something . Followed below mentioned steps:

1. Installed Microsoft visual studio 2019

2.Downloaded systemc package from Accellera. (

SystemC 2.3.3 (Includes TLM) Core SystemC Language and Examples (tar.gz)



3.Opened SystemC.sln from visual stdio.

Path- C:\Users\*\Downloads\systemc-2.3.3 (1).tar\systemc-2.3.3 (1)\systemc-2.3.3\msvc10\SystemC

4.When tried to build solution, facing attached error.



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 Of course you could not start the program, because a library is not an application. You have to write the simulation application yourself using the library to accomplish your goal. SystemC is not an application. It is a library. You need to be suitably proficient in C++ programming to accomplish the tasks.

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