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Yes, you can simply download and build the proof-of-concept implementation of SystemC by following the contained INSTALL instructions. You just need to install Xcode and its command line tools. Instead of the GNU-autotools-based build system, you may also use CMake to set up the build. You can display VCD trace files with GTKwave.

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With the advent of OSX 10.14.x Mojave and OSX 10.15.x Catalina, it becomes a little more complicated because you will need to give permissions to the tools (requires admin privileges), but it is fairly straightforward.

If you find the OSX installation too challenging you could try a Docker installation of Ubuntu or a Virtual Machine (VM) such as VirtualBox with Ubuntu.

Personally, I am using Mojave and the Cmake install quite successfully. Being a bit old school, I use MacVim (GVim for Mac) as my text editor, and iTerm for my terminal.

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