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syntax problems

Guest Basma

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Guest Basma

hello, i'm new to systemc 

i want to have a code  that  initialize 2 2D arrays and perform convolution, what i've done in the header file is 

sc_vector < sc_vector <sc_in  < float >>> in2 

sc_vector < sc_vector <sc_in  < float >>> w2  

        in2[0].init(4) ;
        in2[1].init(4) ;
        in2[2].init(4) ;
        in2[3].init(4) ;

        w2[1].init(2) ;

my problem is that i want to put values for in2 and w2 2D arrays to test my mehod  however i don't know the syntax for this in main.cpp file i get compile errors .

Thanks in advance 

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You can access elements using array index operator like this:


But you write you want to put values onto the array. You cannot write onto ports as these are only proxys and do not hold values. You need to create a similar sc_signal array and connect it to the ports. sc_signals hold values so you can put values on them using write().


A side node: you should declare your vectors as:

sc_vector<sc_vector<sc_in<float>>> in2{"in2", 4, [](char const* name, size_t idx) -> sc_vector<sc_in<float>>*{
  return new sc_vector<sc_in<float>>(name, 4);

This names your ports (very helpful when tracing values) and you don't need to call init() separately.

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