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AHB , bus2reg , reg2bus in hrdata & hwdata

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Hello Experts,

We have implementation of AHB sequence item having  hwrada as well hrdata data  without any additional override sequence classes for each case.


We have  implemented (more properly reused what was there)  the following generic adapter bus2reg implementation :

 virtual function void bus2reg(uvm_sequence_item bus_item, ref uvm_reg_bus_op rw);
        ahb_ivc_seq_item ahb_bus_adapter;
        if (!$cast(ahb_bus_adapter, bus_item)) begin
          `uvm_fatal("NOT_AHB_BUS_ADAPTER_TYPE","Provided bus_item is not of the correct type")
        rw.kind = (!ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_hwrite) ? UVM_READ : UVM_WRITE;
        rw.addr = ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_haddr;
                                rw.data = ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_hrdata ;
        rw.n_bits = (ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_hsize == 3'b010) ? 32 : 8;
        rw.status = UVM_IS_OK;
    endfunction : bus2reg;


Shouldn't there be something like :

//        rw.data = (!ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_hwrite) ? ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_hrdata : ahb_bus_adapter.ahb_hwdata;

instead of the bold line ?

As it seems to me the old peace of code was refering to case there is only one data line..


Thank you for any advice ,

Oleg Greenberg

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The register adapter contains 2 functions:

(1) bus2reg

(2) reg2bus

bus2reg implements the path from the pinlevel interface to the register layer. This is the path which returns the rD-data (ahb_hrdata).

reg2bus implements the path from the register layer to the pimlevel interface. This is the path which is used to send the WR-data ahb_hwdata) from the register layer to the DUT.

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