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Is there a simple systemc channel with a blocking write and read function?


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I'm looking for a simple channel to use in system-c between sc_modules for the purpose of hardware modelling.
The functionality I'm looking for is basically an sc_fifo with size 0. A write should be blocking until the other side does a read. And a read vica-versa (should block until the other side writes).
I want the functionality as if I would implement a valid/ready handshake with the data I'm transferring trough the port.

Does such a channel exist, and if not what are alternatives I could use ? Trying to keep it as easy to use and as little error prone as possible.

I'm not looking to synthesis the code (purely for modelling).

Thanks a lot for your help :)


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Write your own channel, which is really quite simple(*). You could provide a template specialization of sc_fifo as a convenient and familiar interface.

* It's just C++.

We show students how to write their own FIFO channel as part of our Fundamentals of SystemC course <https://www.doulos.com/content/training/systemc_fundamental_training.php>.

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