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I'm trying to implement a FIR Filter with a series of FIR node and the data_in of every fir node is connected to the data_out of the next fir node and the last data_out is connected to the data_in of the accumulator.
I've implemented the code but during runtime it's giving an error Error: (E109) complete binding failed: port not bound: port 'FIR_NOD[17].port_4' (sc_out)
here my NUM_TAP is 18
I'm attaching the code with this message.
It seems to me that I have connected the ports correctly. Please help

#include "systemc.h"
#include "type.h"
#include "mem.h"
#include "fir_node.h"
#include "accumulator.h"
#include "main.h"
int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
    int i;
    char nodeName[19];

    //signals to connect data and mul ports
    sc_signal<data_type> data_sig[NUM_TAP + 1];
    sc_signal<data_type> mul_sig[NUM_TAP];
    sc_signal<data_type> result;

    //system clock
    sc_clock* sys_clock;

    //pointer for modules
    Memory* mem;
    FirNode* firnodes[NUM_TAP];
    Accumulator* accu;

    // create global clock
    sys_clock = new sc_clock("SYSTEM_CLOCK", 1, SC_NS);
    //Construct Memory and Accumulator modules
    mem = new Memory("MEMORY");
    accu = new Accumulator("ACCUMULATOR");
    //Construct FirNodes (assign coefficient to each node)
    for (i = 0; i < NUM_TAP; i++) {
        sprintf(nodeName, "FIR_NOD[%d]", i);
        firnodes = new FirNode(nodeName, COEFF);

    //connect ports of memory

    //[Missing] connect ports of fir_nodes
    for (i=0;i<NUM_TAP;i++)
    //connect ports of accumulator
    for (i = 0; i < NUM_TAP; i++) {

    //start simulation
    sc_start(300, SC_NS);
    return 0;
please suggest as of what changes i can make

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Port not bound means that you forgot to connect a port. SystemC does not allow unconnected ports (at least not without some extra work). If you didn't name your port instances explicitly, SystemC arranges to have them named "port_0", "port_1", "port_2", ... etc. So you apparently have five ports on some module and you've only connected four of them.

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