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IPSA Whitepaper now available

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On behalf of the IP Security Assurance (IPSA) Working Group, welcome to the public forum for the IPSA Whitepaper released on September 4th 2019.  The Whitepaper details the objectives of the emerging IPSA standard and its approach along with real-case examples highlighting the methodology.  We’ve staffed the forum with experts from the IPSA Working Group to answer your questions and bring your suggestions into the committee.   We will be analyzing them as part of an effort to release the official IPSA standard.

Read or download the Whitepaper here >

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DearIP Vendors:

 There is a proposal considering the format of the Security information/attributes and other relevant details [reference IP Security White Paper].  Could you please provide your input if you prefer say, IPXACT/XML (something many current vendors provide ; moving to JSON a web savvy standard or something else.

Please provide your comments.

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Hi all,

The paper states "IP vendors will be able to identify security concerns to either 1) mitigate themselves, or 2) acknowledge for the SoC/ASIC owner to address at the integration level".

I think it is important to distinguish as clearly as possible security concerns that are - or at least should have been - addressed by the IP provider, and concerns that should definitely be addressed at the IP integration step. At the moment I do not see any provision to make this distinction clear.


Sergio Marchese

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hi sergio,

thank you for the feedback!  good recommendation.  it is somewhat called out in table 3 in the insertion section of the "Mitigations" field.  to see examples, refer to table 7.  however i agree with you, we need better language around this.



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