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  1. Hi Anupam - Thank you for the feedback. Responses below: #1 - It seems the addressable register configuration is better categorized as an asset or part of the attack surface, not a type of IP Family. If this doesn't address your concern, please let me know. #2 - The scope is in reference to the Condition which may be different from the Asset's scope (e.g. the Condition could be located in another module). In the next release, we will clarify this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. #3 - Oversight. Will include in the next release. Thanks, Brent
  2. hi sergio, thank you for the feedback! good recommendation. it is somewhat called out in table 3 in the insertion section of the "Mitigations" field. to see examples, refer to table 7. however i agree with you, we need better language around this. thanks, brent
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