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how to make a SystemC project in Eclipse


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i'm trying to install a network-on-chip simulator on windows (noxim, noctweak) ....i installed systemc ang GCC and now i'm trying to complie the source code of the simulator in systemc

but it always gives me that error <<systemc.h: No such file or directory>> when i build

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Hello @rana,

Here (http://karibe.co.ke/2014/02/setting-up-systemc-and-eclipse-for-c-hardware-simulation/) is a very detailed resource for setting up the Eclipse CDT IDE for SystemC related development.

Though it is mentioned using Linux but you can find the steps 6 through 10 necessary for setting the project configurations which are anyway platform agnostic.

Hope it helps.


Ameya Vikram Singh

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Another option is to use https://github.com/Minres/SystemC-Quickstart  as a starting point. This gives you a cmake based project using conan to manage your libraries incl. SystemC (see README.md). Then you have 2 options (I call them 'Eclipse first' and 'CMake first'): either you install the cmake4eclipse Plugin (https://github.com/15knots/cmake4eclipse) via the Marketplace (https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/cmake4eclipse) or you use cmake to generate your Eclipse project files via

cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" .

I personally prefer the first approach since the latter has one drawback: if you add directory or files you have to add them in CMakeLists.txt, run the generator again and the have an updated Eclipse project.

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