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The errors seem to be link-time errors.

* The first thing I would check would be to see if SystemC.lib/path has been properly listed in the Project properties window of your example.

* If that is fine, then the next item to check would be to see if the SystemC library that you are linking against is the same as the one used for building your example (x86 debug).

* If that's also fine, check for the /MD /MDd /MT /MTd option match for your example and SystemC build options.

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use the steps in that video 


except the step of  project properties -> c/c++ (code Generation) -> Runtime Library -> leave it Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd)

this what works with me on of the already downloaded examples in systemc; in specific fft_flpt

to avoid resetting the properties for each project you create, simply do not create, just copy and paste fft_flpt project folder and add your new cpp and h files there 


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Has anyone gotten SystemC 2.3.3 to work on Visual Studio 2019? If so, could you please post the steps that you followed?

The problem I am hitting is that SystemC ships with a version of Boost that is so old that it is not verified on VS 2019 and throws a compile-time error. Is there any chance that the maintainers of SystemC might do a new release that updates that Boost and VS versions? That would sure be nice.

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Hello @dave0,

As suggested by @maehne use the public git repository available here: https://github.com/accellera-official/systemc


  1. Working Microsoft Studio Environment
  2. Windows CMake Binary release: https://cmake.org/download/
    • Ensure CMake executable is available in the command line.(cmd.exe)
  3. Git Windows installation from: https://git-scm.com/
    • Ensure Git command is accessible from command line(cmd.exe)

Here are the highlight of the steps involved:

  1. git clone https://github.com/accellera-official/systemc
  2. cd systemc
  3. mkdir buildDebug
    cd buildDebug

    CMake Configuration

  5. Building SystemC Library:
    cmake --build . --config Debug
  6. Running Sanity tests to validate the built library is functional(optional)
    cmake --build . --config Debug --target examples/check

    This should run all the examples available with SystemC release and all of them should pass without any failures.

  7. SystemC library installation:

    cmake --build . --config Debug --target install

Hope this helps.

Let us know in case you face any issues setting it up.


  1. Also, refer here for SystemC 2.3.4 public review tagged release, only use the master branch version which seems to have fixes for MSVC2017/2019.


Ameya Vikram Singh


Edited by AmeyaVS
Fix Spelling issue and added reference to SystemC build issue on MSVC 2017/2019
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