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Sending tlm_generic_payload over peq_with_get

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So I'm trying to send tlm_generic_payload over peq_with_get, and it's not really working as it should. I have three functions that I need to "pass" with this, and when I prinout the address of pointer to tlm_generic_payload, its always the same, which seems like a good thing, but when I print out address of payload->get_data_ptr() its always rubbish, and not constant.


class Chiplet : public sc_core::sc_module
        // The TLM socket to send bus traffic.
        tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket<Chiplet> chipletWLSocketMaster[WAVELINK_SOCKETS];
        // The TLM socket to receive bus traffic.
        tlm_utils::simple_target_socket_tagged<Chiplet> chipletWLSocketSlave[WAVELINK_SOCKETS];
        Chiplet( sc_core::sc_module_name name, sc_in_clk* systemClock );
        void recvTransfer(int id, tlm::tlm_generic_payload &payload, sc_core::sc_time &delay); //callback for receiving b_transfer

        void doit_send( void );

        SEND_ERR_CODES sendTransferSpawn(tlm::tlm_generic_payload* payload);
        tlm_utils::peq_with_get<tlm::tlm_generic_payload>* send_peq;

        sc_event startSendTransfer_ev;
Chiplet::Chiplet(sc_core::sc_module_name name, sc_in_clk* systemClock) : 

    for(int i = 0; i < WAVELINK_SOCKETS; i++) {
        chipletWLSocketSlave[i].register_b_transport( this, &Chiplet::recvTransfer, i );
    send_peq = new tlm_utils::peq_with_get<tlm::tlm_generic_payload>("send_queue");


SEND_ERR_CODES Chiplet::prepareFrame(/*all parameters needed for payload fields*/ )
    tlm::tlm_generic_payload *payload = new tlm::tlm_generic_payload;

    payload->set_data_length(sizeof(EthernetFrame) + length);
    cout << "payload addr 1 " << payload/*->get_data_ptr()*/ << endl;

    send_peq->notify(*payload, (ZERO_DELAY, dummy_delay));

//after N of these payloads has been added to send_peq, startSendTransfer_ev is triggered and we move on to the next function


void Chiplet::doit_send( void ) {
    tlm::tlm_generic_payload *payload;
    while(1) {

        while(payload = send_peq->get_next_transaction()) {
            cout << "payload addr 2 " << payload/*->get_data_ptr()*/ << endl;
            sc_spawn( sc_bind(&Chiplet::sendTransferSpawn, this, payload) );

SEND_ERR_CODES Chiplet::sendTransferSpawn(tlm::tlm_generic_payload* payload)
    cout << "payload addr 3 " << payload/*->get_data_ptr()*/ << endl;

//b_transfer would be invoked from here

So, as I said, these printouts always give the same address for 1st payload (payload addr 1 = payload addr 2 = payload addr 3), and same address for 2nd payload, and same address for N-th payload. But, if I try to print with payload->get_data_ptr() all I get is rubbish.

What am I missing?



EDIT> Found an error, on part of code not shown here there was some static memory allocation that had to be dynamic. Feel free to delete / not approve this thread. 

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Found solution
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