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How to reset a thread in SystemC


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I am currently trying to implement some feature for which I need to reset/re-start a thread based on some event raised from other thread. I got to know that this type of behavior can be achieved by using async_reset_signal_is OR with help of enable/disable feature of thread handling.
But the problem here is all these advanced features comes with SystemC 2.3 on wards, but because of some limitations and constraints, I have to stick to use SystemC 2.2 version. Is there any way to achieve this with SystemC 2.2 ?

Please help me with this!!

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On 2/2/2019 at 2:39 AM, David Black said:

Use SystemC 2.3 is your only easy option. I would expect much help from others to recreate what has already been done.

You could also recast threads into cthreads (which has always worked).


Thanks for reverting back David..
Would it be possible for you to give few good pointers for - 'recasting threads into cthreads' to refer; since definitely it is something which I have to explore and don't know much right now..

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