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Random reset tests in OVM

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I'm trying to do random reset tests in OVM. The idea is that reset can happen any state. The problem is how do I have the on-going sequences aware of reset?

For example,

transaction package has A which drives 8 at reset. A can only be changed when A_en is 0.

In a test, a sequence that has this transaction package, A changes its value from 8 -> 9 -> 10, etc.. Right before reset happens A was 15 and A_en is 1.

During reset, the driver drives A = 8, A_en = 0 which are correct.

But when reset is deasserted A_en goes to 1 and A goes to 15. This is because the on-going sequence is not aware of reset. How do I make the on-going sequence aware of reset?

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