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How can I record the transaction of UVM by irun?


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Dear All,


I'm trying to record the transaction of UVM by using Irun(Candence).

But I can't find any usage for that.

But I find one tcl script as the below when I googling,

#Probe waveforms
database -open -shm -into waves.shm waves -default # -event
probe -create -database waves top -all -depth all # -memories
probe -create -database waves $uvm:{uvm_test_top} -all -depth all -dynamic

#stop at the end of the build phase and enable full verbosity 
#messaging and transaction recording
uvm_phase -stop_at -build_done
uvm_message UVM_FULL *

#Enable transaction recording
uvm_set "*" "recording_detail" UVM_FULL
if {!$simvision_attached} {

But I really don't know how to use above tcl code in my uvm running code.

This is my running code


This is list.f

-uvmhome $UVM_HOME

-incdir ../sv




and I run by using this way

irun -f list.f


ans here is what I've got the error message


ncsim> database -open -shm -into waves.shm waves -default -event
Created default SHM database waves
ncsim> #Probe all signals at all levels ( be careful for lager designs)
ncsim> probe -create -database waves uart_ctrl_top -all -depth all
ncsim: *E,PNOOBJ: Path element could not be found: uart_ctrl_top.
ncsim> #Probe assertion as transactions
ncsim> probe -create -datebase waves uart_ctrl_top.uart_dut.reg.receiver -assertions -transaction -depth all
ncsim: *E,UNKOPT: unrecognized option for the probe [-create] command (-datebase).
ncsim> probe -create -datebase waves uart_ctrl_top.uart_dut.reg.transmitter -assertions -transaction
ncsim: *E,UNKOPT: unrecognized option for the probe [-create] command (-datebase).
ncsim> #Probe my arrays
ncsim> probe -create -datebase waves md_top -all -memories -depth all
ncsim: *E,UNKOPT: unrecognized option for the probe [-create] command (-datebase).
ncsim> #Probe the entire UVM Testbench hierachy
ncsim> probe -create -database waves uvm_pkg::uvm_top -all -depth all
ncsim: *E,OBJACC: Object must have read access: uvm_pkg::uvm_top.
ncsim> #Run to end of build
ncsim> uvm_phase -stop_at -end connect
Created stop 1:907b0a6e:uvm
ncsim> run

Would you please help me How do I record all transaction of UVM by using irun?



Thanks in advanded


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