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How to create an array of sc_module objects

Ganesan R

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I understand that an array of sc_module objects cannot be created even in a vector as sc_ctor requires a char* argument.

For example suppose that fifog is defined as sc_module object.

Then sc_vector<fifog>fifog("fifogarray",4) will not create an array four of fifog object as fifogarray is not a unique name.

My VS2012 throws a warning that object fifogarray already exists on subsequent loops and instead names the instances as fifogarray[0], fifogarray[1] etc.

Moreover if fifog contains sc_processe sc_method functions, how they can be invoked on each unique instances of object?

Even if I ignore that VS2012 warning, will the sc_method operate on each object instance individually?

Pl. help. Eager to go through your replies.

Simple example will help as I am newbie both to C++ and SystemC.





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Hello @Ganesan R,

It seems you are trying to achieve the vector of vector instance, something like this:

sc_vector < sc_vector < your module > >

You can find necessary discussion on this here: http://forums.accellera.org/topic/5616-initialization-of-nested-sc_vector-sc_vector/

Without sample code it is very difficult to discern the scenario you are trying to replicate.

Can you provide some minimal sample code?


Ameya Vikram Singh

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Somehow I was able to get this work.

But I have only one difficulty right now: How to access the member of individual class object in the attached file

It is sc_vector of fifog elements of four.

fifo_pointer should be accessible in c++ like this.

What is the problem with me?


Any help will be deeply appreciated as I am heavily struck up.

R. Ganesan

(Pl. ignore earlier post I was able to get new sc_vector(fifog,4) with constant size)



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Thanks Eyck that helped

Suppose sc_vector<fifog>fifog32("fifog32",4) is declared in SC_main 

fifog constructor is called four times

But fifog32[0].FIFO_pointer is not working even in SC_main

How to get fifog32[0].FIFO_pointer?

Eager n thanking you








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