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parametric 3 state buffer


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I'm trying to write generic 3-state buffer with method of the module as follows:

note that 'output' is an sc_signal_rv<n> defined in the module's body.

The problem is that the red section fails compilation because bit accessing is prohibited.

Is the other way to set "all Z" when the resolved-signal width is a parameter n????

hope someone can help...


template <class T1, unsigned n, class T3>
void bus3state_unit<T1,n,T3>::thread0(void)
     T1                input                                                                ;

     input = in.read()                                                                    ;
    for(int i=0;i<n;i++)
        output.write('Z')                                                            ;

    if( enable.read() ) {
        output.write(input)                                                                ;

    out.write(output)                                                                    ;


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Do you mean you have :



sc_signal_rv<W>   output{"output"};




This will compile: sc_signal_rv<W>::write  takes sc_lv<W> as a parameter, that can be implicitly constructed from int.   So your 'Z' (ASCII code 90) will be converted to int 90, that is probably not what you wanted.  


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Hi Roman, thnx for the promptly reply.

My Module looks like this:

template <class T1, unsigned n, class T3>
SC_MODULE(bus3state_unit) {

    /* -----------Input Ports--------------------------------------------------------- */
    sc_in            <T3>                        enable                                    ;

    sc_in            <T1>                        in                                         ;

    /* -----------Output Ports-------------------------------------------------------- */
    sc_out_rv<n>                                out                                        ;
    /* -----------Input/Output Ports-------------------------------------------------- */

    /* -----------Local Signal Declarations------------------------------------------- */
    sc_signal_rv<n>                           output                                    ;

    /* -----------Internal modules / variables---------------------------------------- */

    /* -----------Methods------------------------------------------------------------- */
    void            thread0(void)                                                        ;

    /* -----------Constructor--------------------------------------------------------- */
    SC_CTOR(bus3state_unit) : enable("enable"), in("in"), out("out")
        char ii_str[20]                                                                    ;

        SC_METHOD(thread0)                                                                ;
        dont_initialize()                                                                ;
        sensitive << enable                                                                ;

        /* -----------Open VCD file--------------------------------------------------- */
        std::string sname                                                                ;
        MDL_HIER2_NM(sc_core::sc_module,sname)                                            ;
        wf = sc_create_vcd_trace_file(sname.c_str())                                    ;

        /* -----------Dump the desired signals---------------------------------------- */
        sc_trace( wf, enable        , "enable"  )                                        ;
        sc_trace( wf, in            , "in"      )                                        ;
        sc_trace( wf, out            , "out"     )                                        ;
    sc_trace_file *wf                                                                    ;
}                                                                                        ;

i'm not familiar with the notations: 

1.    sc_signal_rv<W>   output{"output"};

2.    sc_signal_rv<W>::write

is it a function??


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True, it compiles... but it do not act as it supposed to.. 

whats wrong?

from what i read on sc_signal_rv<n>  it should be used in situations that two writers may write to the same signal (bus in my case).

i figured that all member functions of sc_signal_rv<n> class are all implemented by SC, is it not the case?


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Most likely the problem is that you don't have enough expertise in C++. SystemC is rather advanced C++ library, so should read a good C++ book before approaching SystemC. 

Try to understand what is the difference between "Z" and 'Z'  (notice quotation marks).

Also read sc_signal_rv documentation in SystemC standard pdf.

Here is a small example to show how sc_signal_rv works:

#include <systemc.h>

struct test : sc_module {

    sc_signal_rv<4> sig_rv{"sig_rv"};

    SC_CTOR(test) {

    void test_thread0 () {
        sig_rv = "Z10Z";
        cout << sig_rv << endl;

    void test_thread1 () {
        sig_rv = "Z0Z1";


int sc_main(int argc, char **argv)
    test t0{"t0"};
    return 0;


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Hi Roman,

trying to run this example, a compilation error pops for the line: sc_signal_rv<4> sig_rv{"sig_rv"};

error C2473: 'sig_rv' : looks like a function definition, but there is no parameter list.

another error for the line :     test t0{"t0"};

error C2601: 't0' : local function definitions are illegal

any idea?

another follow up questions, taking the example for bus-size n, how could you write instead of line  : sig_rv = "Z0Z1";

something like: sig_rv = "Z..Z"; to signify n times "Z"?



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Hi Shashidhar,

altering the basic example of asic-world to accommodate two buffers wired at their outputs actually works. see the picture.

1. it seems that initially i used the sc_signal_rv<4> as member signal in a wrong way.. i will try to understand why.. 

2. how can i write parametric number of 3states?     for example instead of out.write("ZZZZ") something like out.write("Z",4)

obviously this is something that most developers should encounter..?



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