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IEEE 1666-2011 section 10.2 states:


A more detailed transaction-level model may need to associate multiple protocol-specific timing points with each transaction, such as timing points to mark the start and the end of each phase of the protocol. By choosing an appropriate number of timing points, it is possible to model communication to a high degree of timing accuracy without the need to execute the component models on every single clock cycle. In this standard, such a coding style is termed approximately-timed.

IEEE 1666-2011 section 10.3.4 states:


For approximately-timed modeling, a transaction is broken down into multiple phases, with an explicit timing point marking the transition between phases. In the case of the base protocol there are exactly four timing points marking the beginning and the end of the request and the beginning and the end of the response. Specific protocols may need to add further timing points, which may possibly cause the loss of direct compatibility with the generic payloa


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