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clockInterfaceRef and resetInterfaceRef missing in schema


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the subelement clockInterfaceRef and resetInterfaceRef can be useful for bus interface specification. They have been mentioned once in the specification in the section 5.12:

If the clock and reset ports are associated with the protocol of a bus interface, the special purpose clock or
reset busInterface (see 6.5.1) can be referenced from any bus interface using the clockInterfaceRef and
resetInterfaceRef subelements.

However, the clockInterfaceRef and resetInterfaceRef are missing in the xsd schema, also, there is no other hints how to specify them. 



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Hello Kenny,

Indeed you found an inconsistency. The clockInterfaceRef and resetInterfaceRef are not part of the schema. The text should also be removed from the specification document. If you do not want to connect clock and reset ports using the addressable bus interface you can use the isInformative element in the portMap element. This allows you to make clock and reset ports part of the portMaps to get a reference for the other ports without physically connecting them through this interface. The clock and reset port itself can be mapped again in other dedicated clock and reset bus interface in order to create the physical connections.

Best regards,

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