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sc_vector and TLM


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I need to create a TLM module (that here we will call top_level) containing an array of TLM target modules (defined by class reg). As a consequence, the top_level module should implement the tlm_bw interface, and contain an array of initiator sockets, each bound to a target socket of the reg modules. Is it possible to implement this hierarchy by using the sc_vector construct?

Here is a snapshot of the code that I am trying to implement, to give a clearer idea:

Top level

#include "reg.h"

class top_level
    : public sc_module , public virtual tlm::tlm_bw_transport_if<>
    sc_time time;
    sc_vector<reg*> register_file;
    tlm::tlm_generic_payload reg_trans; 


    sc_vector <tlm::tlm_initiator_socket<>*> initiator_socket; 

 Target module: 

class reg
  : public sc_module , public virtual tlm::tlm_fw_transport_if<>

    tlm::tlm_target_socket<> target_socket;

    virtual void b_transport(tlm::tlm_generic_payload& trans, sc_time& t);
    reg(sc_module_name name_);

When trying to compile, the compiler returns this error: 

error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘sc_vector’ with no type
error: expected ‘;’ before ‘<’ token

referring to both the instances of sc_vector, as if neither my class nor the initiator_socket class were recognized as datatypes... 

Best regards,

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Dear S.

Hard to tell exactly from what you posted. Often this error appears when the compiler does not identify the first identifier given in a declaration as the name of a type. Maybe, the compiler does not see the declaration of class sc_vector.

What version of SystemC are you using?

Can you check if all your include and using statements are correct? Or use the fully quallified name 'sc_core::sc_vector'?

One more issue:

sc_vector is meant to contain objects derived from sc_object and not pointers (this is one of the advantages over std::vector). So you should do sc_vector<reg>. But I am not sure if this causes the error here.



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thank you for your prompt answer. I hadn't realized that the sc_vector is a novel construct of the 2.3.0 version of SystemC - and for some reason my files were working with the 2.2 version. It now works :) I also avoided using the class pointer. The resulting declarations are: 

sc_vector<reg > register_file;
sc_vector <tlm::tlm_initiator_socket<> > initiator_socket; 

Thank you for your support. 

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