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  1. I actually forced Simulink to work with the same time step (fixed time step of 1ms) and with the Euler solver (ode1), which in my understanding is the underlying solver of SystemC-AMS.. This is confusing me. SystemC-AMS starts diverging after two time steps..
  2. My model contains a number of differential equations, that converge only if I set an appropriate initial condition. The model per se is correct (I double-checked both the model and the initial conditions with Simulink), but the corresponding SystemC-AMS implementation diverges after few samples. I set the initial condition as the third parameter of the constructor, e.g.: sca_lsf::sca_integ * myInteg; ... SC_CTOR(myModule){ myInteg = new sca_lsf::sca_integ("myInteg", 1.0, 5.0); ... }; where the initial condition is 5.0. Is this correct? Best regards, S.
  3. We solved the issue by modifying the maximum stacksize of the operating system. We are running on a Linux machine, thus we used the system call: setrlimit(RLIMIT_STACK, <new size>) refs: https://linux.die.net/man/2/setrlimit. Thanks for the support and the discussion. Regards, S.
  4. The topology is as in http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~skadron/Papers/thermal_taco04.pdf, figure 1. So you suggest that we should break the network, so that we have fewer connected ELN modules? And that the problem is caused by the recursive call? Regards, S.
  5. Dear all, I need to simulate a (very) large RC network modeling a circuit equivalent model to simulate thermal distribution, ~12,000 Rs, ~4,000 Cs, ~4,000 nodes). When I run the simulation, I get a segmentation fault. GDB says that the call is caused by a call to: sca_core::sca_implementation::sca_conservative_view::move_connected_module( and, if I look at the call stack, I see that many invocations of these function are recursively done, until the simulation crashes. I had a look at the code with Valgrind, and got that the seg fault is caused by a stack overflow:
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