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Problem about Setting UVM severity

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Hello all member!

UVM supports changing UVM severity (Fatal/Error/…) to new desired one from command line using +uvm_set_severity:

 +uvm_set_severity=<comp> ,<id> ,<current severity> ,<new severity> --

I’ve tried it and it works fine with one setting (+uvm_set_severity)

However, I’ve tried to change severity of several paths/IDs (by specifying +uvm_set_severity several times) – and it didn’t work. Seems that only the 1st one is accepted and others are ignored)


+uvm_set_severity=uvm_test_top.producer_agent.monitor,ERR_TIMEOUT_ID1,UVM_ERROR,UVM_WARNING  +uvm_set_severity=uvm_test_top.consumer_agent.monitor,ERR_TIMEOUT_ID2,UVM_ERROR,UVM_WARNING
Is it UVM known limitation or a bug ?

BTW, using widcard (*) indeed works well, but I wish to have better controlability (set severity of 2 different IDs in 2 different <comp>/path)

Regards, Ofir

Relevant code in uvm_component.svh :

function void uvm_component::m_set_cl_sev;
  // _ALL_ can be used for ids or severities
  //  +uvm_set_severity=<comp>,<id>,<orig_severity>,<new_severity>
  //  +uvm_set_severity=uvm_test_top.env0.*,BAD_CRC,UVM_ERROR,UVM_WARNING

  static string values[$];
  static bit first = 1;
  string args[$];
  uvm_severity orig_sev, sev;




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