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Using UVM-SystemC in Eclipse with Cygwin

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Hi all!


I am having trouble importing UVM-SystemC library in Eclipse. It does not recognize any of the classes from that library. I installed uvm-systemc-1.0-alpha1 library and I am using Systemc-2.3.1 with Eclipse and Cygwin. When I try to write any of the code, for example: 

#include <uvm>
class packet : public uvm_sequence_item{

It labels uvm_sequence_item red and says "Symbol 'uvm_sequence_item' could not be resolved". I added uvm-systemc in properties in library and added include paths to compiler settings in Eclipse.
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This is not a UVM-SystemC library but Eclipse configuration issue.


Some things you could check:

  • In the Project Explorer view, the project should be labeled as C/C++ project and contain a subdirectory "Includes". In this list you should see the cygwin and uvm-systemc include directories. If this is not the case, then your project properties are not well defined.
  • Do a Index >> Rebuild
  • Just build the example and see if the error disappear (such build also does start a reindexing

Also note that UVM-SystemC puts all classes in the uvm namespace. This means you should explicitly prefix with uvm:: or define a using namespace uvm (only inside method implementations, not in global scope of  header files)

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