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  1. Thank you very much for the reply! I successfully did it by adding using namespace uvm; and resetting Eclipse because it did not react without resetting.
  2. Thank you very much for the answer! I will try it! Best regards, Aleksandra Panajotu
  3. Hi all! I am having trouble importing UVM-SystemC library in Eclipse. It does not recognize any of the classes from that library. I installed uvm-systemc-1.0-alpha1 library and I am using Systemc-2.3.1 with Eclipse and Cygwin. When I try to write any of the code, for example: #include <uvm> class packet : public uvm_sequence_item{ }; It labels uvm_sequence_item red and says "Symbol 'uvm_sequence_item' could not be resolved". I added uvm-systemc in properties in library and added include paths to compiler settings in Eclipse.
  4. Hi all! I tried to test my environment with one of the examples I found on a website for SystemC (this one). Here is the code of the example: #include "scv.h" const unsigned ram_size = 256; class rw_task_if : virtual public sc_interface { public: typedef sc_uint<8> addr_t; typedef sc_uint<8> data_t; struct write_t { addr_t addr; data_t data; }; virtual data_t read(const addr_t*) = 0; virtual void write(const write_t*) = 0; }; SCV_EXTENSIONS(rw_task_if::write_t) { public: scv_extensions<rw_task_if::addr_t> addr; scv_extensions<rw_
  5. Thank you so much! I have been struggling with this for a while! It makes sense but I didn't think of it. It works perfectly!
  6. Hi! I am having a problem with not being able to build any code that contains any usage of SCV functions. This is a simple code that I am trying to build and run: #include <scv.h> int sc_main (int argc, char* argv[]) { // Int data type int data = 100; // Get the bitwidth of the data int bitwidth = scv_get_extensions(data).get_bitwidth(); cout << "Width of data is "<< bitwidth << endl; cout << "Value in data is "; // Get the value in data and print to stdio scv_get_extensions(data).print(); return 0; } but it has a ton of errors, mostly repeating themsel
  7. I did it! If anyone else needs it: there should be libscv.a and libscv.la in lib-cygwin folder in systemc folder after installation of scv library. So just go to the project you are working on in Eclipse -> Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cygwin C++ Linker and add scv to the libraries list! Thank you, Stephan, for all the help!
  8. I was finally able to call $ make without it getting any errors. There is an error in scv-2.0.0\src\scv\scv_init_seed.cpp: it should include sys\time.h instead of time.h because struct timezone that could not be found is defined in sys\time.h. Now $ make went trough without errors and $ make install and $ make check showed no errors. How can I connect this library to be used in Eclipse?
  9. Firstly, thanks for all the help. I have followed SystemC-2.3.1 INSTALL manual and done everything it said. Then I downloaded scv-2.0.0 and somehow called $ configure and it showed no errors. Then i called $ make and it showed a ton of text and in the end showed errors i copied two posts before. I called $ make install and it also wrote out a ton of text and printed the same two errors. I am a bit stuck here. I need to use SCV in Eclipse but i cannot include <scv.h>. Eclipse doesn't see the scv.h file.
  10. I am getting those errors in Cygwin when I execute $ make and $ make install. I tried to use it in eclipse but it wont include scv.h file. Eclipse says C:/systemc-2.3.1/include/scv.h:44:26: fatal error: scv/scv_util.h: No such file or directory
  11. my reply probably got lost. Anyway, I managed to rename folder containing libsystemc.a from lib-cygwin64 to lib-cygwin and it successfully finished configure. Make and make install have these errors ../../../src/scv/scv_init_seed.cpp: In function 'long long unsigned int _scv_default_global_init_seed(long unsigned int)': ../../../src/scv/scv_init_seed.cpp:76:19: error: aggregate '_scv_default_global_init_seed(long unsigned int)::timezone dummy1' has incomplete type and cannot be defined struct timezone dummy1; ^ ../../../src/scv/scv_init_seed.cpp:77:28: error: 'gettimeof
  12. Thank you for your help! I managed to do it using Vim editor in Cygwin although I still cannot make it work because now it can't find all libraries for systemC in systemc-2.3.1 folder.
  13. Should I change configure.ac or configure file? I tried changing the configure.ac file and it made no difference. Changing configure file made this errors ../configure: line 14: $'\r': command not found ../configure: line 29: syntax error near unexpected token `newline' './configure: line 29: ` ;; even after changing everything back. Only copying old file instead of the changed one would make the error go away.
  14. Hi all! I have a problem adding SCV library. I am new to SystemC! I am using 64bit Windows 7 and I have installed Cygwin x86_64. SystemC works with Eclipse but I am unable to add SCV library. When I try to execute $ ../configure --with-systemc=/cygwin/c/systemc-2.3.1 it writes out numerous lines and then I get errors checking for supported C++ compiler... configure: WARNING: gcc 5.4 is not a supported version (i.e. (3.2|3.4|4.1|4.2|4.3|4.4|4.5|4.6|4.7|4.8)). Beware. checking for supported operating system... configure: error: cygwin is not supported Is there any way to get around this
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