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Communication between uvm_sequence and uvm_component

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I have two classes, one is block_seq which extends from uvm_sequence and other is block_cfg_mngr which extends from uvm_component. How do I exchange information between these two. I need to generate random values in block_cfg_mngr which depends on the values I generate in the bock_sequence body method. I need a communication mechanism to pass the information from uvm_sequence to uvm_component or vice versa. How can I do that ?

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Your sequence has a handle to the sequencer it runs on, called p_sequencer.

You can create a TLM imp there, and a TLM port in your block_cfg_mngr component, and then write the data from the port to the imp.

Your sequence can then see the value using its handle to the sequencer.

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One other way could be:


Since binding of port can be possible with the components(which are supposed to be hierarchical members unlike sequence which associated during run-time).


So you can create one port in your env and connect it to block_cfg_mngr import.


Now in the sequence you might be already having the env pointer through config_db (if not set the port from env in the config_db) , get the pointer of env,port in your sequence and start accessing it.

///// Env Classs /////
class my_env extends uvm_env;
   uvm_tlm_b_initiator_socket #(uvm_tlm_gp)    config_socket;

function my_env::new(string name = "my_env", uvm_component parent = null);
  super.new(name, parent);
  config_socket         = new ("config_socket",this); 

   // build_phase:
  uvm_config_db #(uvm_tlm_b_initiator_socket)::set(this, "", "config", config_socket);

//// Sequence Class ///

class my_seq extends uvm_sequence(uvm_sequence_item)

// CONFIG tlm block socket for configuration
uvm_tlm_b_initiator_socket #(uvm_tlm_gp)    bsocket;

task body;
  // CONFIG GEtting Handle from env for config socket
  if(!uvm_config_db #(uvm_tlm_b_initiator_socket)::get(null,"uvm_test_top.m_env", "config", bsocket)) begin
    `uvm_error("CONFIG_DB_ERROR", "Could not find config")

// Use it the way you want
endtask: body
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