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non-uvm message compliant, grep during report pahse.

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The easiest is perhaps to run a post-processing script. If you insist you want to do this within simulation domain, try:


1. Your tool may have some API to get you all $error (Assuming that error originated from a $error and not plain $display)

2. You could do a "grep -c ERROR" and another grep -c UVM_ERROR and calculate the difference and increase the count. There are some tiny little details to get there as plain old Verilog's $system won't allow return values to be easy to access within Verilog. You could always write your own C layer around, but is it really worth it? Maybe a good task for an intern if you have access to!





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1. uvm_report_server svr;
    reg [31:0] csi2_err_cnt_mem[0:1];


2. initial begin

        csi2_err_cnt_mem[0] = 0;

        csi2_err_cnt_mem[1] = 0;


        wait for events; //i mean after all bfm models are got dropped.


        svr = _global_reporter.get_report_server();


        //Here I grep the non-uvm error message count into a file.
        $system("grep \"ERROR - CSI RECEIVER BFM\" ${SIM_RUN_DIR}\/${TC_TESTCASE_DIR}\/nccoex\/..\/result\/\*.log  \| wc \-l \> csi2_err.txt");


        //Read the file contents into two-dimentional memory.



       //adding the uvm_error and non-uvm_errors and comparing with value zero.
        if((svr.get_severity_count(UVM_FATAL) + svr.get_severity_count(UVM_ERROR)) + csi2_err_cnt_mem[0] == 0)
              `uvm_info("final_phase", "STATUS: UVM TEST PASSED", UVM_LOW)
              `uvm_info("final_phase", "STATUS: UVM TEST PASSED with WARNINGS", UVM_LOW)
            $write("** UVM TEST PASSED **\n");

             $write("** UVM TEST FAILED **\n");


Note-1:  the above mention code is working fine for me.


Note-2: Srini, Thanks for reply.


Best Regards,

Kameshwar Rao

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