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Executing sequence on multiple sequencers?

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What is the effect on a transaction if it is executed on multiple sequencers? If I take a sequence item and without cloning it proceed to .start() it on multiple sequencers, will the item execute correctly on all the sequencers? or will that cause a conflict in the item between the different sequencers?

I know there are some configuration settings like "set_sequencer" that I'm guessing would end up battling each other in some race condition if I started the same item on multiple sequencers.


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a few things to it:

- you cannot start() a transaction (only a sequence, a transaction requires a .start_item()+finish_item())

- there is a check that sequences have to be in a CREATED,STOPPED,FINISHED state in order to start them. not sure if there can be a race which bypasses the fatal, or if the fatal is demoted.

anyway, attempting to start the same sequence instance or transaction on multiple sequencers at the same time probably most likely leads to bad behaviour.


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