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Using DPI-C sin function

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 I'm trying to use DPI-C to import sin function, but it doesn't work, as a workround i had used a sin approximative function which finally give a static value of 2.5 (the offset value) i think that the instanciation of the sin in the code does not work, and i did not know why, any help would be appreciable:


 package math_pkg;

  //import dpi task      C Name = SV function name
 //import "DPI-C" pure function real sin (input real rTheta);
 `define PI 3.14159265
  function real sin;
     input x;
     real x;
     real x1,y,y2,y3,y5,y7,sum,sign;
         sign = 1.0;
         x1 = x;
         if (x1<0)
               x1 = -x1;
               sign = -1.0;
         while (x1 > `PI/2.0)        
               x1 = x1 - `PI;
               sign = -1.0*sign;
         y = x1*2/`PI;
         y2 = y*y;
         y3 = y*y2;
         y5 = y3*y2;
         y7 = y5*y2;
         sum = 1.570794*y - 0.645962*y3 +
               0.079692*y5 - 0.004681712*y7;
         sin = sign*sum;
  endfunction // sin
endpackage : math_pkg
module sv_ams_sin_voltage_gen(output real sine_out);
import math_pkg::*;
parameter sampling_time = 5;
const real pi = 3.1416;
real time_us, time_s ;
bit sampling_clock;
real freq = 20;
real offset = 2.5;
real ampl = 2.5;
always sampling_clock = #(sampling_time) ~sampling_clock;
always @(sampling_clock) begin
time_us = $time/1000;
time_s = time_us/1000000;
assign sine_out = offset + (ampl * sin(2*pi*freq));
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