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  1. Hi all, any help? it sound that the SDM had a missed block (integrator) can anybody have idea about designing integrator with verilog..
  2. Hi all, i'm tryin to make a SV code with the following bloks: -Gaussian nois generator: the output is 16 bit, but i had converted it to real ( i had just putted real in place of STD_logic) -Low pass filter input real, output real => the verification of the two bloks are OK -sigma delta modulator, input Real, Output bit the guassiaan block+low pass+SDM fail, i tryed to simulate the SDM+gaussian block but it does not work, I'm using ModelSim 101c
  3. Hi, I'm trying to use DPI-C to import sin function, but it doesn't work, as a workround i had used a sin approximative function which finally give a static value of 2.5 (the offset value) i think that the instanciation of the sin in the code does not work, and i did not know why, any help would be appreciable: package math_pkg; //import dpi task C Name = SV function name //import "DPI-C" pure function real sin (input real rTheta); `define PI 3.14159265 function real sin; input x; real x; real x1,y,y2,y3,y5,y7,sum,sign; begin sign =
  4. Many thanks, Finally using GCC is sipmle for a begginner like me is there a step schedule to simulate a systemc-ams code with gcc (after installing gcc 4.9 and systemc-ams 2.0) ? any commands?
  5. Hi all, I had to modelise and simulate in systemC-ams a SD ADC. but i do not found the right simulator to do that? is it Spectre, eclipse? any body have idea? Regards, saket
  6. Hello all, Can someone ask me if we can use UVM to verify attacks on cryptography system Thanks to all abdelhak
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