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Hi all,


I'm new with UVM and I came across a problem. I am working on an AXI RD VIP using UVM and I have the following issue.


In the data_phase (the data channel driving) from the MASTER driver, I need to drive the RREADY signal.

There are 3 handshake types described in the protocol specifications: valid before ready, ready before valid and ready and valid at the same time.

In case of valid before ready, I want to wait a certain number of clock cycles ( delay ) from the time that RVALID asserted and then to assert the RREADY signal.

From my understanding, all the delay information should come from the transaction(sequence_item).

The problem is that I generate a new transaction (sequence_item) with get_next_item only when I drive the address channel (in address_phase);

The data_phase works in parallel with the addr_phase and its independent of the address phase.

Also the data_phase needs multiple delay values (one for each data received from DUT, ex. arlen+1) while I only generate one transaction that contains the address channel informations.


Code example:


task run_phase(uvm_phase phase)


    forever begin






    forever begin



endtask : run_phase


task address_phase(axi_item item);

  // Drive the address channel


endtask : address_phase


task data_phase();

  // Wait for the rvalid signal

  while(!vif.rvalid) @(posedge vif.clk);

  // Insert delay between rvalid assertion and rready assertion

  repeat(<problem!!!!>) @(posedge vif.clk);

  rready = 1;


endtask : data_phase


I don't know what variable (sequence_item variable) to set in the  <problem!!!>


Can anyone give me an advice regarding this problem. 

I repeat, I want all timing related data to be set from the sequence_item




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