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UVM way of passing information from a monitor to a sequence inside of the same agent?


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Hi All,

is there a UVM way to pass information from a monitor to a sequence running on a sequencer

inside of the same agent?

I was thinking about adding a "uvm_analysis_export" to my sequencer and connecting it to

a "uvm_analysis_port" of my monitor.

But I've seen an implementation which is using a uvm_event in order to get the transaction

from the monitor into a sequence.

So my question is which way should I go from here?

What is the difference between a uvm_analysis_port implementation in opposite to a

uvm_event based implementation?

Thanks for any advice,


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if you use a uvm_event you always need to expose that event. if you do use a analysis_port you can hide it through multiple levels via *_exports(=proxies).

i think its better to use a

1. instantiate an uvm_blocking_peek_imp#() in the monitor

2. implement the montor::peek task()

3. from the sequence peek into that .addr_ph_port.peek(util_transfer);

see the ubus for an example (in the slave)


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