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Adding a run-time phase example

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Figured this out myself.  In case anyone is interested, here's what I did.



My goal was to add a run-time phase that I could use for configuring default sequences on sequencers.




Here's the definition of the new phase


class uvm_foo_phase extends uvm_task_phase;

   virtual task exec_task(uvm_component comp, uvm_phase phase);

      my_uvm_sequencer seqr;

      if ($cast(seqr, comp))



   local static uvm_foo_phase m_inst;

   static const string type_name = "uvm_foo_phase";


   // Function: get

   // Returns the singleton phase handle

   static function uvm_foo_phase get();

      if(m_inst == null)

         m_inst = new;

      return m_inst;


   protected function new(string name="foo");



   virtual function string get_type_name();

      return type_name;






Here's what I added to the build phase of my test component to add it to the run time schedule.


         uvm_phase sched = uvm_domain::get_uvm_schedule();







Here's what I added to my my_uvm_sequencer class


  virtual function void foo_phase(uvm_phase phase);



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