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Test for suspend/resume operation of a flash memory

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Can you provide more details in your question?


You want a monitor and scoreboard to be able to check that suspend and resume operations occur correctly for a flash memory design.  Correct?

I would guess that few people on this forum are familiar with flash memory controller design and with those operations.  I am not familiar with them.


How about if you separate the application specific part (flash controller) of your question from the UVM/SV part?  I think the flash part of the question confuses and deters people from responding.


Your question was very short and provided little information.  Look at other questions on this forum.  Read this posting about asking good questions: https://www.biostars.org/p/75548/.


We're all in a rush somtimes and then ask questions quickly and with little information.  I certainly do.   And sometimes we can review and review and add more and more information to a question (gold-plating it, people say - making it perfect), and the people that ultimately respond to it only needed a small part of that, and a lot of time is wasted.   I certainly can take forever to compose a question/response, sometimes.  It's tough sometimes to know how much time and detail to put into a question.

I think that in this case more detail in the question would have gotten you an answer, already.  More information helps others determine the experience level of the person asking the question - resulting in a more appropriate answer.


Would it be correct to rephrase your question like this?

 *I am new to UVM.

 *I must verify that two types of multi-cycle operations occur correctly, but am unsure of how to best do it.

 *The operations are i) suspend of either a program or erase command  ii) resume of either a program or erase command.

 *Can someone help me determine how to verify this?



Or, maybe you are not new to UVM.  If so, share what you have already tried.

Let's make the problem smaller.

If we only wanted to verify that a bus changes from 0x04 to 0x44, using a monitor and scoreboard, can you do that?   Or should we start earlier in an explanation?

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