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Does sequence.start function automatically raise an objection?

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Hi all,

I'm a bit new to UVM, and I have a strange issue with the objections raised from the sequences. In my environment, I only want the test to raise/drop objections so in the sequences, I do not have a pre/post body in the sequences that would raise an objection. But the problem is that when I execute the sequence using the "start" function, the test runs past the time "phase.drop_objections" was called. However, if i execute the sequence by setting it as the default sequence, I do not have this problem anymore. So my question is, are objections being raised when I use the sequence.start function? If so, is there a way to prevent this?



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No, objections are not raised by seq.start(). It sounds something isn't balanced properly or the sequence does not actually run to completion (and/or a drain time is prolonging the test) in one case, but not the other, etc. You could try to set a break point at raise_objection(), drop_objection(), and set_drain_time, and then step out to check why and where the call was made.


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i assume that this is due to the "starting_phase" guard typically shown.

if(starting_phase!=null) phase.drop_objection(this); //or raise objection

if you do start() a sequence the starting_phase is NULL while when started via the default_sequence it is set. that means if you start() the sequence NO objections are raised/dropped.



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