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view with multiple configuration


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Hi All


I got component whose file list is changing for different views, This component could also have more than one configuration, again for each configuration filelist could be different.

So criteria for any file to present depends not only on selected view but also on selected configuration 

e.g. for component suppose USB

views are : simulation, synthesis

configurations are: high_speed, low_speed


filelist used will be decided by view * configurations combinations

so in this case 4 different ways


I am using Model.views.view element to define simulation, synthesis

But each view can have just one componentInstantiationRef and designConfigurationInstantiationRef

So in this ipxact xml cannot encode 2 configuration for one view

e.g view = simulation then componentInstantiation or designInstantiation must be one related to either high_speed or low_speed


Could you please let me know how I can solve this problem,

and encode all information



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Yes defining 4 views could be done and is easy solution

But after doing that it is not going to be clear which view is associated with what configuration (high/Low speed) and tool (simulation, synthesis)


May be from view name we could derive that information

e.g for view name

"high_speed_simulation"  we could derive that it is associated with "high speed" configuration and "simulation" tool


But extracting information from names I think is not a good way,  There should be some way of encoding this information using ipxact schema


Like I should able be create view for tool e.g. simulation then for that view could add 2 designs for 2 configs of component

then I could create next view for tool (synthesis ) then add 2 more designs for it with again same configs


But existing IPXACT specs  is restrictive since it allows only one (component, design, designconfiguration) InstantiationRef per view ( of specs)



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