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  1. Yes defining 4 views could be done and is easy solution But after doing that it is not going to be clear which view is associated with what configuration (high/Low speed) and tool (simulation, synthesis) May be from view name we could derive that information e.g for view name "high_speed_simulation" we could derive that it is associated with "high speed" configuration and "simulation" tool But extracting information from names I think is not a good way, There should be some way of encoding this information using ipxact schema Like I should able be create view for tool e.g. sim
  2. Hi All I got component whose file list is changing for different views, This component could also have more than one configuration, again for each configuration filelist could be different. So criteria for any file to present depends not only on selected view but also on selected configuration e.g. for component suppose USB views are : simulation, synthesis configurations are: high_speed, low_speed filelist used will be decided by view * configurations combinations so in this case 4 different ways I am using Model.views.view element to define simulation, synthesis But each v
  3. IEEE 1685-2014 has component element which has Instantiations Under instantiation element there are componentInstantiations, designInstantiations, designConfigurationInstantiations But there is no mention of designInstance But following TGI is returning DesignInstanceID getDesignInstantiationDesignInstanceID DesignInstantiation don't have element called designInstance so Not sure what DesignInstance is ? There is DesignInsatatiationID which has DesignRef This DesignRef is ConfigurableRefType which could be used to get design VLNV Please let me know if I am missing some
  4. Can't access full PDF of CoReUse could you please let me how I could access full document Thanks
  5. Hi Erwin, Thanks for reply, Yes environment varibles could be used But this could arise other problem since Environment variable is global If multiple component using same Env Name then that could cause coflict ! Most of time components are develop by different team, if they don't follow env naming guideline then could cause clashes! If there is any way to define variable name local to component then that variable name could be used to prepend file path , But not sure there is any way to specify such variable in IP-XACT Thanks
  6. Hi All For my HW project we use IP components I am trying to define a component this component uses sub-blocks file location for these sub-block will be different for various projects Also this component will have different views such as Simulation, Synthesis I specified all files related with this component in fileset which are referenced in views of model related with component these files are specified using relative path in file attribute of fileset But I am not sure How and where I can specify common sub-blocks related files since path location will be variable which depends
  7. I am trying to down load Leon2 example zip compatible with 1685-2009 but on page related with this schema It is with IEEE1685-2014 Leon2_1685-2014.zip Also convertion script are pnly for up conversion Please let me know if any body has leon2 exampl with 1685-2009
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