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How to develop scoreboard...???

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Can anybody please explain about scoreboard concept in this below case...

I am dealing with development of AXI master environment which will interact with costumer slave DUT.(single master => single slave)

So when i do write transaction how would i make sure that slave is writing to the correct location or not ???

Is that again i need to do read transaction for same address with same control information??


Is their any availability to poke the slave memory directly???

Is their any facility like back door access in slave memory in UVM ???

How could i implement scoreboard here????

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Paradigm Work's offers a free scoreboard frame work located at:


In addition, it sounds like you need to shadow memory on top of the scoreboard. Usually, I use SV associative arrays to implement a simple shadow model. Additionally, with UVM 1.x there appears to be a uvm memory model with peek and poke capabilities. See section 5 in the UVM User Guide for details.

Hope this helps.

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