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using uvm_config_db::get inside a module

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can i use uvm_config_db::get function from inside a module?

i want to create a configuration object in the test, set it at the config_db and get it in a VIP written as a module.

something like this:


module vip();

initial begin
    // Wait for first clock - this means we are in the main phase
    @(posedge if.clk);
    if (!uvm_config_db#(vip_config)::get(null, "uvm_test_top","cfg", cfg)) begin
        `uvm_fatal("CFGERR", "%m vip cfg not set")
i tried this and got the fatal error, meaning the cfg wasn't found.
i tried instead to create a typedef struct and pass it from the test to the module using set and get but the simulation crashed - "--- Stack trace follows".
Any help would be much appreciated.
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of course you can use the config_db from within a module. if the element cannot be found it means


- it has never been put into the config_db (code not executed, module missing, set-after-get or similar)

- the combination of scope,path,field,type during ::get doesn't match the one used during ::set


switch on +UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE and see what is being stored and retrieved 



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