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Accellera kernel process order


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Hello all,


In the standard it's specified that a SystemC implementation "if a specific version of a specific implementation runs a specific application using a specific input data set, the order of process execution shall not vary from run to run".


I am getting non deterministic results for a particular SystemC application, and before digging into the details of its implementation, I wanted to know wether or not the Accellera standard implementation ensures this point ?


Moreover I would be interested to know what specific situations may lead to non determinism in SystemC ?


Thank for any help on this,




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I would expect the Accellera simulator to produce the same results each time it is run, assuming same OS, same SystemC code.


I would be very surprised if you ran a C++ program twice and got different results each time, and the Accellera Proof of Concept simulator is just a C++ program.


If you are running exactly the same executable twice and getting different results, you must be using some other source of randomness (such as time of day, or /dev/random) inside your program,




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