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RivieraPro bind interface to DUT

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I am having a major hangup with RivieraPro... I bind an interface to a VHDL instance, but I am unable to set this interface into the configuration Database.


  interface whitebox_if(
    input logic some_signal,
    input logic some_other_signal


MyDut dut (...);


bind dut whitebox_if wb_if ( sig1, sig2); // works


    uvm_config_db #(virtual whitebox_if)::set(null, "*", "v_interfaces" , dut.wb_if); // fails!!! 


Fatal Error: ELAB2_0036 Unresolved hierarchical reference to "dut.wb_if" from module "dut_top" (module not found).

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Probably you should contact Aldec's Technical Support or you could use this workaround - try to use binding to module instead binding to instance in your case it would be:

bind MyDut whitebox_if wb_if ( sig1, sig2);

instead yours:

bind dut whitebox_if wb_if ( sig1, sig2);

This should helps.

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Just for reference.. Aldec support finally shared a workaround that seems to work.  Yes, the syntax is a little strange, but this is an Aldec "wrapper" file path.


virtual my_interface_if vif;

vif = dut_top.\bind:dut_inst:sig_if .sig_if; // normally this would just be dut_top.sig_if
uvm_config_db #( virtual my_interface )::set( null , "*" , "my_interface", vif ) ;

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