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  1. maybe uvm_report_catcher is what you need http://www.vlsiencyclopedia.com/2016/10/build-smart-tests-using-uvm-report-catcher.html
  2. I think that yours issues was fixed in new UVM 1800.2-2017 EDIT Note that UVM do not support 8 bits wide memories mapped into map with 32 bits word when byte addressing is off you will got on 1800.2: KERNEL: UVM_WARNING uvm_reg_map.svh(1558) @ 0: reporter [UVM/REG/ADDR] this version of UVM does not properly support memories with a smaller word width than the enclosing map. map tst_reg_blk.test_reg_map has n_bytes=4 aub=4 while the mem has get_n_bytes 1. multiple memory words fall into one bus address. if that happens memory addressing will be unpacked.
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