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do_copy versus 'uvm_field* automation


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The UVM field automation provides an automated way of registering class properties for copying, printing etc. However I also note that there are do_* methods the user can also use to do this. What is the preferred method? Or does it just depend on environemnt complexity where the do_* methods would allow more flexability if/when needed?



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Hey Alan again,

The do_* methods are hooks that allow you to override the default behavior of basic object operations such as copy, print, etc. The field macros register a class's attributes with the factory to set up these operations. In general, it's easiest to use the field macros in a transaction class (i.e. one derived from uvm_sequence_item) to enable its attributes for copying, printing, comparing, etc. In the same transaction class, you can override any do_* method if you wish to define custom behavior for copying, printing, comparing, etc. I find that field automation for components is useless, since components are not manipulated in the same way transactions are.

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