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Linear solver errors

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Hello everybody,


When using ELN MoC, I frequently get errors of this type :


Error: SystemC-AMS: Initialization equation system failed in sca_linear_solver_0: 4
  The error is in the following net (max. 50):


The error is may  be near:



So, I have a question for you : Is there a way to have more details about this error so we can know exactly where it's coming from ?



Thank you,


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It bascially means you have an error in your ELN circuit topology and the equation system cannot be calculated. This could mean a couple of things:

  • you have capacitors in parallel and not defined the initial charge as undefined
  • you have inductors in series and not defined the initial flux as undefined
  • you have two voltage sources in parallel with different voltages
  • you have two current sources in series with different currents
  • you have some short-circuits

The message says that the error is near component c02 (I expect a capacitor?). So I expect you need to define sca_util::SCA_UNDEFINED for q0 (for ELN primitive sca_eln::sca_c) or phi0 (for ELN primitive sca_eln::sca_l)

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